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Rewind 34 years and The Shack actually housed an oyster farm...


Bursting with row upon row of oyster purification tanks, the oysters would be cleansed after maturing in the River Avon and oyster lovers would arrive in droves to buy their fresh molluscs, bringing with them a packed lunch, shucking their own oysters and tucking in with some crusty bread and a bottle of wine (or two).


People would pitch up their own deckchairs and while away an afternoon in the peace and quiet of the Avon Valley.  Thus in a (quite literally) organic way, The Oyster Shack was born. Keeping this ethos alive, we have extended on to the concrete patch and house a restaurant both inside and outside - winters are rustic and cosy inside by our roaring fire whilst Summertime is enjoyed al fresco outdoors.

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