Why I love The Shack by regular Shacker

Chris Cullen…





You’ve been on some of the cookery master classes – what did you think?


They have been very good and I hope they continue!  I tend to buy crab when we have friends to visit and had been preparing them in a certain way, and I hadn’t realised how much waste there was.  I learned a lot of tricks of the trade – it’s all about refinement, especially with shellfish – how to get into big lobster claws for example.  If you bang away with a hammer you will get shell everywhere, so the techniques are important – I would definitely go again.


What’s your favourite dish on the menu?


The mussels; I can honestly say I haven’t had them prepared or tasting better anywhere else.  That said, I like to try new things so I usually go for the Daily Catch menu and the more unusual dishes that are sometimes served.


How do you like your oysters?


I like them raw and as they come, without condiments.  The taste for me is like having something straight out of the sea.











Many of our Shackers (customers) have been visiting us since we started 27 years ago.  More like friends than customers these days, many have had family celebrations here and see it as a favourite part of their South Devon holidays.  A longstanding fan of The Shack experience, Chris Cullen explained what he loves about our little corner of Bigbury…


How long have you been visiting The Shack?


We’ve been going for more than 10 years.  We originally went when we had a holiday home here with the children, and now retired and living here, we go several times a year and often take friends who visit.


What do you love about The Shack?


It’s a very special place, it’s so unusual.  Even getting there is a lovely adventure; watching the tide to go along a road that floods.  When you take friends who have never been they think it’s amazing.  The food standards have always been maintained and I have taken people who live in London and go to expensive restaurants all the time and the quality at The Oyster Shack is just as good.  I’ve never had a bad meal there.  It’s easy to mess up fish, but the quality is always there because they buy it all in every day and it’s all delivered live.  The atmosphere is also lovely all year around.